Dylan and the boathouse

Dylan Thomas first arrived in Laugharne in 1934 aged 19. He came with a friend by ferry from the other side of the Taf estuary and would have alighted just behind the Boathouse. He was instantly fascinated with Laugharne.

It was from the Boathouse that Dylan made the fateful journey to New York where he died in 1953 aged 39; an early death that turned a talent into a legend.

Dylan’s family still have a very strong connection to the Boathouse. Aeronwy, Dylan’s only daughter, became an ambassador for his work as well as a fine writer herself. Since her untimely death in 2009 the mantle has passed to her daughter, Hannah Ellis, who is herself a regular visitor to the Boathouse with her family. This is a place the Thomas family still feel very much at home.