Access Statement

There is no safe vehicular access to the Boathouse and no parking facilities.

The Boathouse is situated on Dylan’s Walk, Laugharne, and can be accessed either from Victoria Street, or from the causeway which runs from the car park on the Grist under the Castle. From the causeway there is a steep path to Victoria St or two sets of rocky steps to Dylan’s Walk. The causeway is under water during high tides.

Dylan’s Walk is fairly level throughout its length, though the surface is uneven in places.

The building is accessed down six sets of steps, 41 in all. There is a handrail.

The front door is 33” wide and leads into the retail area. There is a set of steps with a handrail down to tearoom and terrace. There is a set of steps and handrail leading to the upper floor and display/exhibition area.

The toilets are situated on the terrace. There is no disabled toilet.