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Dylan Thomas Boathouse
Dylan's Walk, Laugharne
Carmarthenshire, SA33 4SD

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Managed by Carmarthenshire County Council Discover Dylan Thomas

Online Quiz (Children 6-11 yrs old)

1. When and where was Dylan Thomas born?

1912 - Carmarthen
1914 - Swansea
1910 - Llarregub

2. Where did Dylan go to school?

Eton in Harrow
Swansea Grammar School
Sorbonne in Paris

3. Can you name the first poem which the young Dylan Thomas published?

The Song of the Mischievous Dog
Under Milk Wood
Fern Hill

4. What was Dylan’s first job when he left school?

Newspaper boy
Newspaper Reporter

5. Who was Dylan Thomas’ wife?

Charlotte Church
Caitlin Macnamara
Catherine Zeta Jones

6. Can you name two of Dylan’s three children?

Harry and Sally
Llewelyn and Colm
Huw and Hannah

7. Where did Dylan Thomas write when he lived at the Boathouse?

In the bath
In the pub
In the writing shed

8. In which Carmarthenshire village is the boathouse to be found?

St Clears

9. What is Dylan Thomas’s most famous radio play?

Quite Early one Morning
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Under Milk Wood

10. Where did Dylan Thomas die?

New York